We pride ourselves in detail, and as such making detailed statues takes time, typically as such one of our standing divers would take three months to make the original sculpture. Only then when we are happy with the level of detail, will we mould and cast the statue.

Everything is handmade, from the initial sculpture, to making the moulds, casting the statue, and cleaning, polishing & finishing. Even the wood bases are handmade by us.

Most of the designs are chosen by us, but occasionally companies come to us with commissions. We have made designs for Divex’s ‘Stealth’ range of military rebreathers, and also more recently Oceaneering’s Rat, with their Rat-Hat & DTS Torque tool, which they will use for safety awards within their business units.

Although our client base is mainly Commercial Divers past and present, we have also sold statues to Diving companies worldwide and also Oil Companies, both whom have used them for safety awards, retirement presents or Entrance foyer and Boardroom Centre Pieces.


  • Hand Crafted
  • Highly Detailed
  • Commercial Divers
  • Historical Divers
  • Commission Work